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Carol Channing and composer/lyricist Jerry Herman explain how a song from a musical took on a life of its own.

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The first, and biggest, musical superstar from Asbury Park was not Bruce Springsteen, and he didn't play rock & roll

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audio postcard from an Accordion Convention

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a weird-sounding musical instrument that's nearly impossible to play still attracts followers

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The Ebony Hillbillies prove you don?t have to be white and Southern to play authentic, down home country music...they are hip, urban, and black. A...

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Brief history of the music played on ocean liners past and present, including the last song heard as the Titanic sank

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Evergreen profile of Frank Loesser, composer of "Guys & Dolls", the most frequently produced musical ever

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the "greatest generation" had the greatest music, according to hot jazz bandleader/historian Vince Giordano

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