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Review of The Boys of West 9th

Inspirational and thought provoking is what this piece really is. When interviewing the young boys I could actually visualize them in there everyday lives. But it was scary because these boys are my nephews age and it is ashame that there innocent victums of circumstance. How the interviewer did follow up questions was well done. It gave the interview more of a flow rather than a chopped up interview, you can tell that she was well prepared and had a sense of what questions might be asked other than the ones she had in front of her. And thats what I think makes a wondorful interview and a great reporter, your follow up questions. You ask questions the listener might be wondering and for that it made your piece very mature. The sound of the mic was on point as well. Even though you were outside I could here them perfectly. I look forward to knowing what men these boys will turn out to be.