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Review of Smart Credit Cards

This piece was very informative. I like this idea of using finger prints in order to use a credit card, but many conspiracy theorist ( which sometimes I am) would say is this another form of the government keeping track of the citizens. And thats what I think your piece was lacking a form of opinion. When people say opinion in the journalism world it is used as such a bad term but if you ask someone (a person who is not reporting on the topic) it can give your piece personality. Another thing I was looking for was the interview of the man who does identity theft for a living. How he did it could have been very informative to those listening so that we can avoid the pitfalls of identity theft. Your interview sound was well done. When you were narrating I could here you clearly. I think that the part when you used a paper bag as your ambience you should have used something that the listener would be able to recognize. I didnt know what it was at first I thought something was wrong with my earphones. But I appreciated your story you have made me more paranoid than I already am (lol) and I look forward to your next piece.