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Review of Not the Soup Nazi

I love how this piece takes for granted your knowledge of the term “soup Nazi” and then takes it from there. Andy explains the Ramen Jiro noodle restaurant in such a way that makes it sound like an initiation rite, an iron man competition, and a heroin den all rolled into one. He describes a world with it’s own logic and rules. It’s almost like science fiction. Like for instance, you have to finish your entire bowl or you will insult the owner, a man who seems to run the place like a prison warden. Or there’s the fact that the first time you eat the pork dish you will become ill, but then after that you will need it every day. It goes to show that good writing can be about anything. It can turn the mundane into the epic, as all good radio should. This is playful and funny… absurd and utterly charming, and would really spice up your food programming.