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The Greenpeace Canada podcast is a monthly sound-rich look at environmental issues. We take a personal and practical approach to some of the issues we’re all trying to tackle to make a better future.

The podcast is hosted on Soundcloud and accessed through there or iTunes and Stitcher. The episodes are also available for licensing to terrestrial broadcasters as well as other Greenpeace organizations across the world.


If your piece is purchased by Greenpeace Podcast, you will receive royalties in the form of:
$75.00 flat fee


Greenpeace Canada is acquiring the nonexclusive rights to your piece for the following purposes:
-digital download from website and/or as part of a podcast feed

Greenpeace Canada may perform:
-minor edits for length and scheduling, removal of intros, outros, funding credits, and other information not relevant to our organization and the context in which we will use your piece
-Any further edits or excerpts will only be performed with the permission of the producer.

Your piece will be included in the Greenpeace Canada podcast, which will be made available through iTunes, SoundCloud, other podcasting websites, and on the websites of other Greenpeace organizations and partners. Greenpeace Canada podcast episodes may appear in other Greenpeace organization podcasts. They will be posted to PRX for broadcast and other possible distribution. Greenpeace Canada may license podcast episodes to other non-profit organizations and to other third parties at its discretion.

Note from PRX: This agreement is between Greenpeace Canada and you, the producer, and is also governed by the PRX Terms of Use http://www.prx.org/terms-of-use. PRX retains a 15% commission from each transaction.