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This piece belongs to the series "NPR's Next Generation Radio"

Produced by Shakima Swain

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Summary: Shakima Swain explores the obsession women have with their shoes and the effort to have perfect feet.

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Review of Foot Facelift

I am guilty of having this problem, and that's why I love this story. Listeners love to hear things that they can relate to, especially if its something that is so bad but hear it in a humorous radio story. I felt like the whole time you were talking about me! And thats why this story is good. You hit all the points and this is mind set will have women in trouble for centuries to come. I would have liked to hear the story lnger even though I'm sure you have a cut off time. But maybe an interview with a psychiatrist or another doctor stating where this "my feet being ugly" mentality comes from. But I look forward to hearing another story from you.