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Climate Connections (Series)

Produced by ChavoBart Digital Media

Most recent piece in this series:

Climate Connections September 9 - October 4, 2019

From ChavoBart Digital Media | Part of the Climate Connections series | 30:00

Ccyale_240_graybg_small Climate Connections is a 90-second daily (M-F) module that's produced in partnership with the Yale Center for Environmental Communication and hosted by Dr. Tony Leiserowitz. It covers the ways climate change is impacting our lives, and what diverse people and organizations are doing to reduce the associated risks. From energy to public health, from extreme weather to the economy, we’ll connect the dots and bring climate change “down to earth” for your listeners. This 4-week round includes the following pieces:

Air Date - Title

Mon., Sep. 9 - How to protect high school athletes from heat: The risks are growing as the climate warms.

Tue., Sep. 10 - Pastured poultry is vulnerable to climate change: The birds need protection from extreme weather.

Wed., Sep. 11 - Colorado woman sounds the climate alarm by ringing a bell: She’s inspired others to join her.

Thu., Sep. 12 - Study: Countries with more female politicians pass more rigorous climate policies: ‘We found that female representation in national parliaments does lead countries to adopt more stringent climate change policies.’

Sep. 13 - Farm teaches students how to harvest energy: Dickinson College Farm in Pennsylvania doubles as a solar education facility.

Mon., Sep. 16 - Nonprofit helps research labs go green: Cutting-edge science doesn’t need to come at the expense of the planet, according to My Green Lab. 

Tue., Sep. 17 - 9 states and D.C. work to cut pollution from transportation: Almost 30% of U.S. carbon pollution comes from transportation.

Wed., Sep. 18 - Will fossil fuels replace shut-down nuclear plants?: Nuclear plants are the largest source of low-carbon electricity in the U.S.

Thu., Sep. 19 - Water filters help Guatemalans cut carbon pollution: And provide access to clean water, too.

Fri., Sep. 20 - Circus performer changes careers after learning about climate change: ‘It’s one of those things you can’t unlearn.’

Mon., Sep. 23 - Clean energy events bring together GOP and Dems: At a time when bipartisan collaboration sometimes seems impossible.

Tue., Sep. 24 - Communities repurpose retired coal plant sites: One now houses a Hard Rock Cafe.

Wed., Sep. 25 - Rhode Island prepares for flooding: The state’s coastline, streams, and rivers are vulnerable to sea-level rise and extreme storms. 

Thu., Sep. 26 - As soils warm, microbes pump more CO2 into the air: It’s a dangerous feedback loop.

Fri., Sep. 27 - YouTube star showcases future of electric vehicles: His channel, “Fully Charged,” has racked up more than 70 million views.

Mon., Sep. 30 - City uses abandoned industrial sites to capture floodwater: Camden, New Jersey, is converting an old landfill site into a waterfront park with restored wetlands.

Tue., Oct. 1 - Climate change could undo progress in educating girls: So it could be life-altering for girls around the world.

Wed., Oct. 2 - Water utility collaborates with farmers to clean up pollution: New Water, a utility in northwest Wisconsin, wanted to stop phosphorus pollution at its source.

Thu., Oct. 3 - Advocate: Include disabled people in climate solutions: Alex Ghenis of the World Institute on Disability says disabled people — 12 to 20% of the U.S. population — are too often overlooked.

Fri., Oct. 4 - NYC plan will fight traffic and climate change: Congestion pricing will reduce trips into the busiest areas — and generate revenue for the subway system.  

Exploring Music with Bill McGlaughlin (Series)

Produced by The WFMT Radio Network

Most recent piece in this series:

EXP 19-54 E: A Visit with Arnold Steinhardt, 10/4/2019

From The WFMT Radio Network | Part of the Exploring Music with Bill McGlaughlin series | 58:58

Exploring_music_logo_small Exploring Music spent a couple of marvelous days with one of the world’s violin giants, Arnold Steinhardt, first violinist for 45 years of the Guarneri Quartet. This week will feature Arnold talking about his youth in L.A., his time with George Szell and the Cleveland Orchestra, his studies with Josef Szigeti, and his time with the Guarneri Quartet. Arnold was keen that we listen to some of the great musicians who'd inspired him along the way — a who's who of remarkable figures —Kreisler, Elman, Heifetz, on and on. Arnold is not only a towering musician — yeah, he stands six feet three, but I'm talking about fiddle playing — he is also beloved among his colleagues for his generosity, intelligence, and kindness.

The Midnight Special (Series)

Produced by The WFMT Radio Network

Most recent piece in this series:

MS 19-40: Folk Music with a Sense of Humor, 9/26/2019

From The WFMT Radio Network | Part of the The Midnight Special series | 01:58:29

Enter_logo_small Folk music and farce, show tunes and satire, madness and escape!

Fiesta! (Series)

Produced by The WFMT Radio Network

Most recent piece in this series:

This American Life (Series)

Produced by This American Life

Most recent piece in this series:

684: Burn It Down, 9/27/2019

From This American Life | Part of the This American Life series | :00

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Pulse of the Planet (Series)

Produced by Jim Metzner

Most recent piece in this series:

Pulse of the Planet, October 2019

From Jim Metzner | Part of the Pulse of the Planet series | 40:00

Potp-logo-small_letterhead_small October 2019 Program Highlights • The Sound of Death • Scorpions! • Bathing the Gods • The Language of Landscape