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Playlist: Cory's Favorites

Compiled By: Cory Daniels

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Interview: Howard Weiner, author of Dylan & The Dead

From KISU | Part of the Dead Air (Grateful Dead) series | 59:24

Cory Daniels interview with Howard Weiner

Dead-air-rose_small A Tale of Twisted Fate chronicles Bob Dylan’s rapid ascent to immortality as the preeminent songwriter of his time, and contrasts that with the Grateful Dead’s long strange trip, during which they went from being a psychedelic band with a cult following to the most popular touring act in America. When Dylan & the Dead launched their historic 1987 tour, Dylan’s popularity was declining and he was out of touch with his muse. On the other hand, the Grateful Dead basked in the unexpected commercial success of their hit MTV video “Touch of Grey.” Inspired by his time with the Dead, Dylan experienced a rebirth as a performing artist. A Tale of Twisted Fate explores the influences, innovations, and legacies of the iconic careers of Bob Dylan and Jerry Garcia.

Dave's Picks Volume 24: Berkeley, CA, 8/25/72 | Grateful Dead

From KISU | Part of the Dead Air (Grateful Dead) series | 58:32

Dave's Picks Volume 24 is a three-CD live album by the rock band the Grateful Dead. It contains the complete concert recorded at the Berkeley Community Theatre in Berkeley, California on August 25, 1972.

Dead-air-rose_small An often overlooked gem from '72 (who's to blame with that rich pool of excellence), 8/25/72 Berkeley Community Theatre finds the Dead laid back and in the comfort zone of home. While one might think this would make the night too relaxed, the band fall in line with their "West Coast best" paradigm. The output is fresh, reaching the outer depths on repertoire classics like "The Other One" and "Playing In The Band" and finding the intricately nuanced heart of emotive numbers like "He's Gone" and "Bird Song." Fans of Europe '72 and Veneta, Oregon will not be disappointed! - Dead.net / Grateful Dead's official website

Interview: Bob Minkin, legendary photgrapher

From KISU | Part of the Dead Air (Grateful Dead) series | 59:33

Cory Daniels interview with Bob Minkin

Dead-air-rose_small THE MUSIC NEVER STOPPED-a one-of-a-kind book of music photography-featuring over 500 of never-before-seen images documenting Marin County's vibrant music scene from Bob's archives including live performance shots intimate backstage off-stage and at home photographs of our favorite players including Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir, Phil Lesh, and written contributions by musicians including Phil Lesh, Pete Sears, Bill Kreutzmann, Jorma Kaukonen, and Steve Kimock

Joel Selvin, author of Fare Thee Well: The Final Chapter of the Grateful Dead's Long, Strange Trip

From KISU | Part of the Dead Air (Grateful Dead) series | 58:01

Set to air 6/18 to 6/30


This week's guest is a former columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle. Author Joel Selvin who just released a new book called: "Fare Thee Well: The Final Chapter of the Grateful Dead's Long, Strange Trip." It's a tell-all biography of the epic in-fighting of the Grateful Dead in the years following Jerry Garcia's death in 1995. We'll talk about the different versions of the spin-off bands, the legal drama, and the final chapter of the Grateful Dead.


The set list. . .

So Many Roads – 9:24

7/9/95 Soldier Field, Chicago, IL

So Many Roads Box Set


Crazy Fingers – 12:07

6/9/76 Boston Music Hall, Boston, Massachusetts

Road Trips Volume 4 Number 5

Fillmore West 50th Anniversary

From KISU | Part of the Dead Air (Grateful Dead) series | 58:00

Dead Air for week 26 (June 25th - July 2nd)


Set your GPS because we're going to the Fillmore - The Fillmore East, The Fillmore West, The Fillmore Auditorium, and when the Fillmore West was going by the name of The Carousel Ballroom. Taking a ride in a time machine about 50-years ago, Bill Graham opened up the Fillmore. The Fillmore West was opened July 5th 1968.  
Viola Lee Blues 66-7/3 FILLMORE AUDITORIUM, San Francisco, CA ...30 Trips 7:39 Hard To Handle 71-4/29 FILLMORE EAST, New York, NY ...Ladies And Gentlemen 9:58 St. Stephen [Live] 69-02/27 FILLMORE WEST, San Francisco, CA ...Long Strange Trip: Motion Picture Soundtrack 6:42 Live/Dead Dark Star > China Cat Sunflower > The Eleven > Turn On Your Lovelight 68-02/14 CAROUSEL BALLROOM, San Francisco, CA ...Road Trips Vol. 2 No. 2: (Carousel 2-14-68) 8:59

Dead Air (Grateful Dead) (Series)

Produced by KISU

Most recent piece in this series:

Week 34 // Dead and Co tour dates & Bill Walton Sightings

From KISU | Part of the Dead Air (Grateful Dead) series | 58:00


We dig deeper into the latest release from the vault - Dave's Picks Volume 31 

We had some interesting Bill Walton sightings. Each year, Deadheads celebrate the Days Between during the first week of August. The anniversary of Jerry’s birth on August 1st and the anniversary of his death on August 9th. Many Major League Baseball teams hosted Grateful Dead Night at their ballpark. Bill Walton made memorable appearances in San Diego and Chicago. Throughout the program, we hear Bill Walton's attempt at calling baseball games. . . #hilarious 

Dead and Company announced dates for their Fall tour. The latest Grateful Dead off-shoot band are going on their Fall Fun Run with two shows at Madison Square Garden and two shows at Hampton Coliseum.  
The Dates:
Thursday, October 31: New York, NY - Madison Square Garden
Friday, November 1: New York, NY - Madison Square Garden
Friday, November 8: Hampton, VA - Hampton Coliseum
Saturday, November 9: Hampton, VA - Hampton Coliseum

THE WEB. . . 

Interview with author James Kirkland who is working on a series of crime mysteries, titled: The Bill Walton Mysteries. The books have many Grateful Dead references:

Couldn't get enough of Woodstock 50? Two authors. Two new books. One Interview. 

Woodstock 50th Anniversary Prizes are available too

THE MUSIC . . . 
Ramble On Rose 7:45
1979-12/03 UPTOWN THEATRE, Chicago, Illinois
Dave's Picks Vol. 31

Here Comes Sunshine 11:53
1973-11/17 PAULEY PAVILION, UCLA Los Angeles, California 
Dave's Picks Vol. 05

Picasso Moon 7:34
1990-09/18 MADISON SQUARE GARDEN, New York, New York 
Road Trips Vol. 02 No. 1: Madison Square Garden: September 1990 Bonus Disc

Help On The Way > 4:45
Slipknot! > 4:54
Franklin's Tower 8:27
1989-10/08 HAMPTON COLISEUM, Hampton, Virginia 
Formerly The Warlocks