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Abraham Lincoln's Portrait (Part 1)

From GW Global Media Institute | Part of the GW Presents Beyond Category series | 57:28

Lincoln scholar Harold Holzer joins host Dick Golden to paint a portrait of America's 16th president through words and the music of Tony Bennett.

Prx_small President Clinton and the United States Congress appointed Harold Holzer, a noted Lincoln expert and author, to be a co-chair of the 2009 Lincoln Bicenntenial Committee.  Mr. Holzer had asked his friend Tony Bennett to paint a portrait of Lincoln for Holzer’s book Why Lincoln Matters.  The painting hangs in Mr. Holzer’s office at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Dick Golden interviewed Mr. Holzer in his office and asked him to select seven of his favorite Tony Bennett recordings and for two hours the conversation was about Abraham Lincoln and Tony Bennett.