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10,000 Fresh Voices (Series)

Produced by KFAI

Most recent piece in this series:

Doing It Together With Brace Cove Records

From KFAI | Part of the 10,000 Fresh Voices series | 05:54

Brace_cove_small John Waters dreamed up the idea of starting his own record label while playing shows and living in Chicago. After moving to Minneapolis and meeting friends Alexis Politz, Matt Harris, and Emma Song Fisher, Brace Cove Records took shape. Now, the label releases music on vinyl and cassette tape for a dozen bands in Minneapolis and Chicago. Among Brace Cove’s MO’s are supporting up-and-coming artists, making music more inclusive, and most importantly, doing it together. The “DIT,” or “do it together” ethos has become central to Brace Cove’s identity. Rather than going at it alone, the labelmates prefer to share ideas, ask for help, and work together to bring more people into the local music scene. Producer Colleen Cowie found out how this Minneapolis label is doing more by doing it together.