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Making Sense: Deaf Children and the Choices Their Parents Face

From WNPR | 49:59

Nine out of ten deaf babies are born to hearing parents, who know almost nothing about deafness or the science of language. But they have to learn about it, and act, fast. Meet three families who made different decisions, and experts who can't agree on what's best.


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Most new parents take it for granted that their newborn baby will one day talk to them. Eventually she’ll utter her first few words, and the rest falls into place. 

But sometimes a child is born deaf. Parents are immediately confronted with opinions and facts and contradictions about a world that almost all of them have never experienced. 

[WATERFALL 18.5s]: “The scary part is everybody you speak to is like, ‘You need to do this now!’ I mean, the earlier the better with hearing loss…” [FADE UNDER] 

“If I was gonna provide them a life without limit they needed to be able to interact with the hearing world…”  [FADE UNDER]

“The act of speaking the language does not equate to knowing the language to me.”