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KQED Public Radio 88.5 and 89.3 informs, educates and entertains listeners throughout the Bay Area, the state and beyond with a wide variety of news, public affairs and cultural affairs programming, composed of the best from National Public Radio, Public Radio International and the BBC. KQED is the most-listened-to public radio station in the country, reaching more than 745,000 listeners each week. KQED Public Radio began broadcasting its 24-hour news and information program service over KQEI-FM North Highlands/Sacramento 89.3FM on May 12, 2003.


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KPCC, KQED, KPLU and Oregon Public Broadcasting have interviewed dozens of potential voters younger than 30 and talked with them about politics, government and the future of the country.

  • From: KQED
  • Updated: Nov 04, 2012
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"Love in the Digital Age" explores the way we connect today, how technology changes the way we experience love, friendship and intimacy.

  • From: KQED
  • Updated: Apr 13, 2016
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KQED's QUEST is a new multimedia series about the people behind San Francisco Bay Area science and environmental issues and how their work is changing the way we live. Do you know what is in your own backyard?

  • From: KQED
  • Updated: Oct 18, 2007
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QUEST investigates coal, the most plentiful–yet dirtiest–fossil fuel in America. Coal generates nearly half of all electricity nationwide. Yet with mounting new pollution regulations, health concerns and the rise of renewable energy, is America starting to turn against coal the way it slowly turned against tobacco? Find out with reports from four different states.

  • From: KQED
  • Updated: Sep 27, 2011
Caption: Aluminum cans await recycling., Credit: Kate Szrom/QUEST
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Once the hobby of a small number of environmentalists, recycling is now a multi-billion dollar industry. Here is a look at how changing economic times affect four states' efforts to deal with waste.

  • From: KQED
  • Updated: Aug 09, 2011
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An in-depth study of how well California is doing at teaching English to children.

  • From: KQED
  • Updated: Aug 03, 2006

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Part 6 - "The Language of Learning"

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Discussion of proposed funding cuts to public broadcasting

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