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Reader’s Corner with Bob Kustra features lively interviews with today’s leading writers about ideas and issues that matter today. Join us each week for thoughtful interviews centered around books on a broad range of topics, from world politics and scientific discovery to the best in literary fiction.

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Mary Pilon, author of "The Monopolists: Obsession, Fury, and the Scandal Behind the World’s Favorite Board Game," discusses her New York Times bes...

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  • Added: Aug 07, 2015
  • Length: 30:30
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In the world of empire building, success is a numbers game. That’s the premise Jacob Soll's "The Reckoning: Financial Accountability and the Rise ...

  • Added: Jul 30, 2015
  • Length: 30:05
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Sides tells the the thrilling and harrowing story of an early attempt to be the first to reach the North Pole in his book, "In the Kingdom of Ice: ...

  • Added: Jul 24, 2015
  • Length: 30:31
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Is it possible to increase intelligence, and if so, how? Dan Hurley explores this question in his book, "Smarter: The New Science of Building Brain...

  • Added: Jul 17, 2015
  • Length: 29:30
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Kolbert discusses the powerful and possibly catastrophic mass extinction unfolding right in front of us. Her book won the 2015 Pulitzer Prize for N...

  • Added: Jul 10, 2015
  • Length: 30:01
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On this Independence Day weekend, an interview with National Book Award winner Nathaniel Philbrick about his book "Bunker Hill: A City, a Siege, a ...

  • Added: Jun 30, 2015
  • Length: 57:22
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Journalist and author Beth Macy recounts the Shakespearean rise and fall of Bassett Furniture during a time of rapid globalization, and how John Ba...

  • Added: Jun 23, 2015
  • Length: 30:30
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In his book, "The Third Coast: When Chicago Built the American Dream, Thomas Dyja makes the case that much of what defined America, particularly ...

  • Added: Jun 19, 2015
  • Length: 30:01
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In his book, “Our Final Invention: Artificial Intelligence and the End of the Human Era,” James Barrat peers into the future to explore the perils ...

  • Added: Jun 12, 2015
  • Length: 30:11
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Reader’s Corner with Bob Kustra features lively interviews with today’s leading writers about ideas and issues that matter today. This week, to mar...

  • Added: Jun 05, 2015
  • Length: 29:35