Matt Martin

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  • Username: mcwack
  • Senior Producer, Your Call, KALW-FM
  • Role: Station General Manager

Recent Pieces from Matt Martin

Caption: Sabaah Folayan

72-01: Inside The Ferguson Uprising - Sabaah Folayan, Director of "Whose Streets" (53:00)
From: KALW

On the 5 year anniversary of the uprising in Ferguson, MO, we're re-airing this conversation--with new trax acknowledging the date. When Michael Brown was shot by a police ...
Caption: Erin Maye Quade

101: Running for Office In the Era of #MeToo: Minnesota State Representative Erin Maye Quade (54:00)
From: KALW

At age 32, Minnesota State Representative Erin Maye Quade is positioned to be at the forefront of a wave of progressive political leaders representing a new generation of ...
Caption: Dr. Barbara Adams, Credit: Blink Inc

100: Death by Diversity Initiative & The Myth of Meritocracy - Dr. Barbara Adams (54:00)
From: KALW

Organizational psychologist Dr. Barbara Adams says there is transformational power for everyone in diversity and inclusivity, but initiatives like employee training days and ...
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98: A Boardroom Of Our Own - Julia Rhodes Davis, and The Partnership on AI (54:01)
From: KALW

Ask any woman who’s sat through a long meeting surrounded by men, and she could tell you how exhausting it can be: we struggle to make ourselves heard while carefully ...
Caption: At the Commonwealth Club of CA

99: A Brief but Spectacular Conversation - Steve Goldbloom, Flossie Lewis and Mahogany L. Browne (53:00)
From: KALW

After Brief But Spectacular creator Steve Goldbloom filmed 94-year-old retired English teacher Flossie Lewis and “Black Girl Magic” poet activist Mahogany L. Browne, their ...
Caption: Gabrielle Howard

97 - When Teachers are Trusted to Teach - Gabrielle Howard, Saint Ann's School (53:00)
From: KALW

What happens when teachers are given the freedom to inspire a lifelong love of learning? In this episode, I talk with Gabrielle Howard, who recently retired as the head of ...
Caption: Katrina Lake

95: Stitch Fix Founder Katrina Lake Gives the C-Suite a Makeover (54:00)
From: KALW

At age 35, Stitch Fix founder Katrina Lake became the youngest female founder and CEO to take a company public in 2017. Stitch Fix is now worth over two billion dollars. She ...
Caption: Sarah Delia, Credit: Logan Cyrus

94: What Happens When Sexual Assault Goes Unpunished? - Sarah Delia, "She Says" (54:00)
From: KALW

When radio journalist Sarah Delia heard a story about the sexual assault of one of her listeners, “Linda” (not her real name), she knew it was a story that needed to be told. ...
Caption: Nina Collins

93: How to age without apology - Nina Collins, author of "What Would Virginia Woolf Do?" (54:00)
From: KALW

What's so monumental about turning 40 for women and why do we need our own Facebook group? Turns out--pretty much everything. Nina Collins has created an "environment that's ...
Caption: Sally Kohn, Credit: Paul Takeuchi

92: Do Haters Deserve Our Compassion? - Sally Kohn, author of "The Opposite of Hate" (54:00)
From: KALW

Can you find compassion in your heart for the haters in your life? CNN political commentator and first-time author Sally Kohn says if we keep on hating the haters, the cycle ...