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Caption: Storefront of Sangar General Store, Credit: http://musingsinmass.blogspot.com

Love and Samosas: How a Massachusetts town backed a local general store owner (04:55)
From: James Szkobel-Wolff

Sangar General Store, in Windsor, MA, is owned by Prem Sangar. Prem wasn't born in Windsor and doesn't quite fit the mold of the town, but the community still loves her.
Caption: Cover of Denver Post Editorial Page on April 7th, 2018, Credit: Chicago Tribune

As the Denver Post declines, so does the Colorado News Market (13:16)
From: James Szkobel-Wolff

A look into the fall of the Denver Post, the impact it's had on the Colorado News Market and the future of reporting in the state.
Caption: Boulder Flatirons, Credit: https://aboutboulder.com/

Is Boulder Still Home of the Hippies, Yuppies, and Freaks? (02:27)
From: James Szkobel-Wolff

Is Boulder still home of the hippies, yuppies and freaks. I went out to streets of Boulder to see what people thought.
Caption: Black Bears in New Hampshire, Credit: Kilham Bear Center

Invasion of the Bears: What's causing the growing black bear population in Massachusetts? (06:13)
From: James Szkobel-Wolff

Over the last 30 years, the black bear population in Massachusetts and New England has spiked. What's causing the jump? James Szkobel-Wolff looks into the growth of our fury ...