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Recent Pieces from Mat Kaplan

Caption: •	Former NASA Administrator Charles “Charlie” Bolden asks a question at the NSS Space Settlement Summit., Credit: Mat Kaplan

A Conversation With Former NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden (28:50)
From: Mat Kaplan

He led NASA for eight years, but not till he had flown on four Space Shuttle missions and enjoyed a long military career. Charlie Bolden talks with Mat about his time at the ...
Caption: Asteroid Bennu in an image captured by OSIRIS REx at its arrival., Credit: NASA/University of Arizona

Last Week, Mars. This week, An Asteroid Called Bennu. (28:50)
From: Mat Kaplan

The InSight lander has only just arrived on Mars. Now, OSIRIS REx has reached asteroid Bennu after traveling through deep space for a year and a half. We’ll talk with the ...
Caption: InSight Launch Party at Caltech's Beckman Auditorium.  L to R: Bruce Betts, Troy Hudson, Mat Kaplan and Jennifer Jackson, Credit: Andrew Pauly, The Planetary Society

A Great Day for Space Explorers: The Landing of InSight (28:50)
From: Mat Kaplan

Join 1,000 anxious yet thrilled space fans at Caltech for our live InSight landing party. You’ll meet Mat Kaplan’s onstage experts and check in with Bill Nye and Emily ...
Caption: The landing site of Mars 2020 will be in Jezero crater, on the northwest edge of the basin. , Credit: NASA / MIT / Goudge et al 2017

We Know Where the 2020 Rover Will Look for Martian Life (28:50)
From: Mat Kaplan

NASA announced on November 19th that the multi-billion dollar 2020 Mars rover will land in Jezero crater, where it will begin the search for the signature of past life. The ...
Caption: Moon Mission 3D: A New Perspective on the Space Race, Credit: MIT Press

Moon Mission 3D from Queen Guitarist Brian May and David Eicher (28:50)
From: Mat Kaplan

You haven’t seen the best pictures from the Apollo era and other great space achievements till you’ve seen them in 3D. Queen guitarist and astrophysicist Brian May is also ...
Caption: Ralph Pudritz, an astrophysicist and professor in McMaster’s Department of Physics and Astronomy; Maikel Rheinstadter, a biophysicist and professor in McMaster’s Department of Physics and Astronomy; and Yingfu Li, a biochemist and professor in McMaster’s , Credit: Sarah Janes

Where Do We Come From? – Exploring the Origins of Life Lab (28:50)
From: Mat Kaplan

They may be the most important questions in all of science: Where do we come from? Are we alone? Researchers Ralph Pudritz and Maikel Rheinstadter are working on these ...
Caption: Artist concept of Kepler spacecraft observing a vast, oil-painted universe., Credit: NASA / Wendy Stenzel / Daniel Rutter

Celebrating Kepler (28:50)
From: Mat Kaplan

The Kepler mission has ended. Listen to highlights of the October 30th media briefing that included the father of the fantastically successful planet finder, William ...
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Sailing to an Asteroid on the Light of the Sun (28:50)
From: Mat Kaplan

LightSail 2 is not the only solar sail in the universe. NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center and the Jet Propulsion Lab are preparing to send NEA Scout on a long, ...
Caption: This illustration shows NASA's Cassini spacecraft about to make one of its dives between Saturn and its innermost rings as part of the mission's Grand Finale., Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Back to Saturn for Brand New Cassini Science (28:50)
From: Mat Kaplan

Our most frequent guest returns with exciting, just-published research enabled by the 20-year mission’s enormous success. Linda Spilker has served as Cassini Project ...
Caption: Artist concept of the Giant Magellan Telescope at sunset, Credit: GMTO

Celebrating Astronomy Day with the Giant Magellan Telescope (28:50)
From: Mat Kaplan

Happy Astronomy Day, October 13, 2018! We salute humankind’s long history of stargazing by checking in on what will be our planet’s largest telescope. Patrick McCarthy is an ...