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Recent Pieces from Rick Fulker

Caption: National Youth Orchestra of Germany

DWF 19-03: National Youth Orchestra, 10/14/2019 (01:57:57)
From: DW - Deutsche Welle

At age fifty, is one getting on in years? Absolutely not, especially if that fifty-year-old is the National Youth Orchestra of Germany. We've got the downbeat to the tour of ...
Caption: Clara Schumann

DWF 19-02: Schumannfest, 10/7/2019 (01:57:57)
From: DW - Deutsche Welle

Portrait of a power woman: composer, critic, impresario, pianist, celebrity, mother and wife (and not necessarily in that order): Clara Schumann, whose 200th birthday falls ...
Caption: Andreas Ottensamer

DWF 19-01: Schwetzingen Festival, 9/30/2019 (01:57:57)
From: DW - Deutsche Welle

A program from a palace befitting a prince: In the 18th century, Schwetzingen was the summer residence of Prince Elector Carl Theodor of Mannheim. This year's festival motto ...
Caption: Anna Torge

DWF 18-25: Haydn Festival, 3/18/2019 (01:57:57)
From: DW - Deutsche Welle

A ten-day fest dedicated to Papa Haydn with the splendid Concerto Köln as orchestra-in-residence: this one has three Haydn symphonies and an opera overture – and two works ...
Caption: Kristjan Järvi

DWF 18-26: Baltic Sea, 3/25/2019 (01:57:57)
From: DW - Deutsche Welle

Ten countries border on the Baltic Sea: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Russia and Sweden. Proving that they are united, not separated ...
Caption: Carolin Widmann

DWF 18-23: Schumann concerto, 3/4/2019 (01:57:58)
From: DW - Deutsche Welle

An enigmatic work banned by the composer's widow and premiered over eight decades after his death: the brilliant violinist Carolin Widmann has devoted a lot of thought and ...
Caption: uri caine

DWF 18-22: Brandenburgs in the Rheingau, 2/25/2019 (01:57:57)
From: DW - Deutsche Welle

In its "Brandenburg Project," the Swedish Chamber Orchestra sought out contemporary composers, asking them to take a Brandenburg Concerto by Johann Sebastian Bach and come up ...
Caption: Kathak dancer at the Campus Concert

DWF 18-21: Indo-German Campus, 2/18/2019 (01:57:57)
From: DW - Deutsche Welle

Two utterly different music cultures merge here in a program you won't hear anywhere else. This productive dialogue between the classical art music of India and of the ...
Caption: Christine Schornsheim

DWF 18-20: More of Beethoven: Made in the Rhineland , 2/11/2019 (01:57:57)
From: DW - Deutsche Welle

A composer like Ludwig van Beethoven towers over others, but even that singular genius didn't come out of the blue. A look at the musical environment that brought forth the ...
Caption: Church of the Cross, Bonn

DWF 18-19: Beethoven: Made in the Rhineland, 2/4/2019 (01:57:58)
From: DW - Deutsche Welle

How, where and why did Beethoven emerge as a great composer? We'll get an impression in two concerts "From the Rhineland." An early cantata by the young Beethoven, a requiem ...