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Recent Pieces from Viki Merrick

Caption: Pierre Epstein, Credit: Photo by Jason Falchook

1623: The Moth Holiday Special: Unexpected Gifts of December, 12/17/2019 (53:57)
From: The Moth

A special Holiday Hour from The Moth. The unexpected gifts of December: holiday customs, brand new traditions, flying cows, fruit, luminaries and a magical forest. Hosted by ...
Caption: Ray Christian, Credit: Dare Kumolu-Johnson

1614: Phone Call, Flamenco, Surprise Party, 12/10/2019 (53:57)
From: The Moth

A call to a hotline, a rabbi caught speeding, a rookie reporter, a swim test, an unwanted surprise party and an obsession with Flamenco. Hosted by Moth Senior Director ...
Caption: Ed Gavagan

1812: The Kindness of Strangers, 4/10/2018 (53:57)
From: The Moth

In this hour we delve into the goodness of humanity through acts both small and large. A tourist has a major setback while on vacation; a holiday gift exchange is botched; ...
Caption: Bridgett Davis, Credit: Liz Mackinder

1921: Parental Guidance, 12/3/2019 (53:57)
From: The Moth

In this hour, stories of learning from one's parents. Difficult life lessons, words of wisdom (not always heeded), and being lead by example. Listen to your father; mother ...
Caption: Caitlin FitzGerald, Credit: Jason Falchook

1925: Forever and Ever, 11/26/2019 (53:57)
From: The Moth

In this hour, stories of things past shaping the here and now; the smell and taste of home, whirlwind romance, and finding comfort and kinship in the most dire of ...
Caption: Jon Bennett, Credit: Jack Pasco

1909: Out of Step, Out of Place, 11/12/2019 (53:57)
From: The Moth

In this hour, stories of outsiders, being at odds, and discomfort. A man feels more at home with machines than people, a young girl encounters a teacher who doesn't ...
Caption: Robin Utz, Credit: Allison Evans

1911: A Brave Front, 6/25/2019 (53:58)
From: The Moth

In this hour, stories of finding inner strength in the face of unimaginable odds. The courage to make life or death choices, stick to one's guns, and not only survive, but ...
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1905: Bearing Witness, 2/5/2019 (53:59)
From: The Moth

In this hour, stories of mistakes, perseverance, and lessons learned, often the hard way. This hour is hosted by The Moth's Senior Director, Meg Bowles. The Moth Radio Hour ...
Caption: Trystan Reese, Credit: Photo by Jason Falchook

1824: Something Borrowed, Something New, 10/16/2018 (53:58)
From: The Moth

In this hour, we focus on the uncommon denominators and wildly unexpected situations of life. Hosted by Jenifer Hixson, The Moth’s Senior Director. The Moth Radio Hour is ...