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Comment for "The "27 Club" Myth - Airdate: 4 January 2012" (deleted)

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the 27 club (deleted)

enjoyed this a lot of info on the topic in just one minute.
( only complaint: wish there were a longer version).

Comment for "100213 The Will of Landru (or is that Landrieu)"

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time well spent. A treat for your ears...and inner eyes.

if you love good radio ( or even landru or landrieu)you can enjoy this piece on so many different levels. I did.

Comment for "Space Ash (or Sending your ashes into space)"

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really enjoyed this piece...cause you actually did what few have done...actually ask who gets to go...and how they they do it. i just kept seeing the AP stories about the rocket service and roddenberry and others...but you're the first to look into it that i've heard . good for you!! fun and facts. doesn't get any better than this. :